Buddhist, Christian and Hindu prayers featuring Tina Turner, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Sawani Shende-Sathaye.

This music is a praise to all divine Mothers, goddesses and saints, to the female power within all of us. Unconditional love is powerfully shown in the symboles of the Divine Mother of all faiths and cultures, religious and non religious. Compassion and love is the all embracing sound of the heart.

On this CD we have Tina chanting Baptist prayers from her childhood and imparting the overall spiritual message "love within", Dechen singing Buddhist mantras, Regula Christian prayers and Sawani Hindu mantras. As on the platinum nominated album BEYOND the four singers have been undertaking the challenge of merging eastern and western music and overlapping their prayers in one song. They have succeeded in creating a universal and passionate sound. Their singing will help you to nourish values like love, kindness and compassion, forgiveness and tolerance.

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Love is inside all of us - Everyone has it deep within

The project BEYOND is about another love, a love of coming together, a love of spreading it in a different way across the planet. Now I am on another stage and passing on another word in another way without the short dress, without the red lips. I got the attention with it in order to help support this movement, which is much greater.

What this music LOVE WITHIN hopefully will do is to teach people to find out, what they are born with. Love is inside all of us. Everyone has it deep within. We can learn to connect with it and how to use it. It is like when you want light you have to lit a candle, or plug a lamp in the wall. You have to do some work. There is a learning - We come here to learn and we must get to a certain spiritual plateau to learn how to love unconditionally and to actually find out, what it means. It means to overcome whatever is done to you. Once you have overcome there will be more world peace. May the frequency of this music open your hearts that's my deepest wish.

I am thankful to Deepak Chopra, who always will inspire me on my spiritual journey and to Regula who has given me the invitation to join the BEYOND project.

The Tina Foundation supports a children's hospital in Memphis (Tennessee, USA). The foundation also focuses on aid for single mothers, women in distress and sick children.


My wish is to open hearts for unconditional giving and love in action

As a Singer and Music therapist I experience the healing potential of sound and music daily. It moves and transforms. Singing prayers empowers this healing force even more. For all this reason I established the BEYOND FOUNDATION, which supports music projects to bridge differences between religions and cultures for tolerance and peace, to heal and uplift.

On the new album LOVE WITHIN I unite with three women of different races and beliefs. We are all rooted in our tradition and share the vision to cultivate peace and happiness through the vibration of our voices. My wish is to open hearts for unconditional giving and love in action.

I am grateful to Tina, Dechen, Sawani and to all musicians on this album for giving their talents and devotion, to Sr. Domenica Dethomas, Prioress of Benedictine convent of St. John, Müstair, who helped me research ancient Christian texts and melodies. I also like to thank my Guru H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, my inspiration for a life in service of God and humanity and to Anna Sims, my vocal focus and breathing specialist. Infinite thanks to my husband Beat for founding the BEYOND FOUNDATION with me. I bow to all my ancestors and family who transmitted the joy and gift of music and singing to me.


Our wish is to give back the love and kindness of all our mothers

I am happy to be contributing the Buddhist prayers to the third BEYOND album LOVE WITHIN. It is dedicated to the motherly love in us all. There is no love stronger than unconditional love of a mother for her child. Even though my mother passed away, there is not a single day in my life that I don't think of her with great affection for giving all her love and care.

Although being born after my mother had escaped from Tibet, I was infused with the Buddhist way of thinking. We believe in the law of cause and effect, in rebirth and that all beings could have been our mothers. Our wish is to give back the love and kindness of all our mothers. I feel very privileged to sing the Buddhist prayers and to inspire so many people in this world with the message LOVE WITHIN.

I would like to thank Venerable Dagsay Rinpoche, my father and spiritual teacher, for his valuable guidance and advice, Amala Dagsay Yischi Tsedön la, my beloved mother who taught me to be an inspiration of joy to the people, Mola Dzayum Dechen Pemo la, my unforgettable grandmother whom I admire for her noble grace and wisdom. I also want to thank my family and all my friends for their great support for my music and for being my biggest fans.

Proceeds go to the DEWA CHE Foundation, which supports peace-promoting projects for children and youths inside and outside of Tibet. Amongst others Tsedön Clinic in East Tibet, education programs for the advancement of talented youths and projects for the preservation of Buddhist Tibetan culture.

Current projects
- TFH Davos (aid association for Tibetan families)
- Sewing school for Chokri, Tibet


Mankind is the only true religion on earth, love and peace are its true pillars

I am blessed to be a part of the BEYOND and sing along with Tina Turner, Regula Curti, and Dechen Shak-Dagsay.
LOVE WITHIN is not just any other album. It is special to my heart because we are singing to share the message of love and peace. I believe that music is the easiest and fastest way to please the Almighty! The merging of prayers from different religions enables us to understand, that mankind is the only true religion on earth, love and peace are its true pillars.

I bow in front of the All Mighty to be a part of BEYOND and thus be His messenger! I am grateful to the entire team for the joyful collaboration. I cherish my Gurus Shrimati Kusum Shende, my grandmother and Guru who has groomed me in Indian classical music, Dr. Shri Sanjeev Shende, my father and Guru who has groomed me in Indian semi classical music, Dr. Shrimati Veena Sahasrabuddhe, my Guru and a legendary Indian classical vocalist. Many thanks to Shri Shrirang Mirajkar, my dear friend and player of tabla on CHILDREN BEYOND, to have introduced me to Regula Curti.

To give back I support the orphanages and the oldage homes in my town, PUNE in India.